It will allow you to obtain a detailed diagnosis of the effectiveness of your transformation processes in a matter of minutes.


Friendly interface

The OEE ANALYZER interface is designed for the software learning curve. It has toolbars, icons, tables and reports that use a simple and intuitive graphic language, which can be fluently familiar with both staff and Management. All of this contributes to a smoother software implementation.

Mass import and export of data

The implementation of your system can be streamlined with the import of information that will help you configure your catalogs in a more agile and simple way.
Increase your analysis capacity and take advantage of OEE ANALYZER data by exporting it to other systems such as Minitab or Excel.

Improvement cycle monitoring

The PDCA module of OEE ANALYZER helps you keep control of your improvement projects focused on improving availability, quality or performance and at the same time allows you to know their effectiveness within the process.


Ready-to-use IT Tool

Using the OEE Analyzer will help you to increase the productivity of your machines quickly. After just a few hours of setting-up time, you will have the first results in your hands. The OEE Analyzer can be used with any kind of manufacturing process, whether continuous or discrete.

Prepare custom A3 type reports at various levels. Obtain directly and instantly graphs of MTTR, MTBF, mechanical availability factor, Labor Productivity, status of your improvement projects from the PDCA module, etc. Key information to establish KPIs and objectives for operational personnel, as well as for a transparent and objective performance evaluation, based on data.

The OEE Analyzer is an autonomous software that can be used independently of other IT systems. However, depending on your needs, it can be integrated with Machine PLCs via OPC for production data, downtime or rejection causes, etc.

Don't interrupt your meetings to wait for the required data to be obtained or validated. All the information to identify and prioritize problems in the previous shift is immediately available to be analyzed and acted upon. Don't lose the information recorded on the Hr x Hr dashboards. The OEE Analyzer will always have them available, in a safe place.

The ease of configuration and navigation allows to make a deployment in “Fast Track” mode to start using the system within the first 48 hours; at the end of the first week a complete production line can be implemented!

Many different users benefit from the outcome. The OEE Analyzer supports your machine operators and shift leaders with information and helps them run their shifts more efficiently
The OEE Analyzer enables production managers to cut out unnecessary machine stoppages in order to reduce changeover and throughput times. Quality problems and deviations trigger corrective measures by the quality department. The maintenance department is most interested in the technical availability to optimize maintenance strategies and work schedules.

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