An industry 4.0
software solution

Your key tool for managing productivity improvements.

Get rid of paper an excel

If you use pen & paper or Excel spreadsheets as your primary reporting tools, OEE ANALYZER can help you to Improve Productivity with less effort, less cost and less waste.

Make data driven decisions

No more guessing on what is affecting productivity. OEE ANALYZER allows you to analyze the form of losses, where and when they occur and their correlation with some of the main variables (work station, product, operator, etc.).

Encourage Employee Engagement & Productivity

Show your production teams where they stand and what is expected. Establish priorities in improvement projects and investments.

What is OEE Analyzer?

OEE ANALYZER is an industry 4.0 software solution that provides a set of easy-to-use, powerful tools, so anyone in the operation, at anytime, can run a detailed, actionable diagnostic of the manufacturing processes effectiveness.

Why OEE Analyzer?

With OEE ANALYZER you will have all the necessary information to diagnose current condition and to quantify the gap against the desired condition, identify and prioritize the causes, determine the most appropriate improvement tool, and measure the effectiveness of the actions. All of it, 2 or 3 clicks away!

  • Cost reduction by increasing plant reliability, optimizing equipment utilization and shortening delivery times.
  • Low capital investment required allows for a very quick ROI (typically 3 to 6 months).
  • Fast Track initial implementation (3 to 5 days).
  • Provides easy access to all of the most commonly used tools for data analysis, problem definition and solution validation.
  • Simple and flexible solution focused on managing and analyzing OEE

Overall 1000+ persons are using OEE Analyzer

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