Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

You can visit our youtube channel, where you will find videos on the initial configuration and use of the software.

We offer instructor-led training courses for OEE Analyzer. Each course is taught either in person or virtually, privately or publicly.

Some examples of workshops are:

  • Workshop focused on understanding the basic model for calculating the OEE
  • Workshop focused on the configuration and use of the OEE Analyzer
  • Analysis and troubleshooting workshop applied to improve OEE
  • Workshop on installation, technical configuration and administration of the technological components that make up the OEE Analyzer

Licensing questions

Our licensing scheme is by monitoring points. Each monitoring point is the Value Added Process where it is desired to record and measure the OEE.
Additionally, it is required to acquire the licenses corresponding to the manufacturing sites in which the software will be used.

We currently have two licensing modalities:

Perpetual license.-It is the right to use the software without an established expiration time; that is, the purchased licenses can be used for many years, as long as you do not lose your license file.
To receive technical support and download patches and updates, your payments on the annual maintenance and support must be up to date.

Annual rent.-This model involves an initial payment and annual renewals to be able to use the software.

  • The initial investment is much less than the one that must be made to acquire a perpetual license. It is prorated in annual payments as long as you use the OEE Analyzer.
  • As long as the subscription is valid, you have the right to technical support.
  • If the subscription is active, you have the right to upgrade at no additional cost to new versions of the software. These updates will be for the modules that the subscription is in force.

Cloud Subscription.-We are currently working on our Software as a Service model. Wait for it very soon.

The maintenance policy is a mandatory part of the licensing agreement and provides you with technical support by phone, email or via remote connection through web sessions. The policy also includes access to all OEE Analyzer patches and updates that are generated during the policy coverage period.

You can check our support policies here.

Of course! We offer a free 30-day trial for up to 3 monitoring points.

In case of being up to date in the annual maintennace payments, the cost is equivalent to 20% of the total cost of the license acquired.

Renewing the maintenance and support policy will guarantee your continued access to the following benefits:

Technical and functional support
You will continue to receive the support of VIA's technical and functional team. OEE Analyzer support is available through our support portal.

Software patches and upgrades
OEE Analyzer continues to evolve through frequent and meaningful updates. Looking for new features and ever-improving ease of use, active software maintenance ensures that you continue to receive the latest software updates.

Support questions

Support users are normally generated at the time of acquiring the license to use the software.

If for any reason you do not have a valid username, you can contact your sales representative to request it or send us an email and one of our advisors will contact you to follow up on the request.

It is important to mention that in order to have an active support user, you must be up to date with maintenance and support payments.

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